Exante Week 5 Day 4

Did a sneaky wi this morning… OUT OF THE 200s!!!!! *happy dance*

Even better, my throat is way to sore to even think about solid food, there is always a plus side to every bad side, if you look hard enough :D

Exante Week 5 Day 3

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Just realised I forgot to put this weeks pic up 

Not much change on the legs/butt but you can see I’m not bulging over the top as much.

Still feeling really rough today, but no desire at all to slip off the wagon, so it’s all good.

Exante Week 5 Day 2

Another easy day, I am certain it’s the Beck Diet Solution book that is making this so much easier for me than it normally would have been. Next few days will be a test though, I’m coming down with a cold :(

Week 4

Weight: 200.6lbs
Body Fat: 
Visceral Fat: 
W/H Ratio: 

Total Lost:

Weight: 16lbs
Body Fat: 1.6%
Visceral Fat: 0%
BMI: 2.4
Waist: 3″
Hips: 2″
W/H Ratio: 0.03

% Lost: 7.39%

Exante Week 5 Day 1

I’m reaching a level where I don’t have much to say any more, but I don’t want to stop writing my daily diary as I am certain it’s helping me.

Yesterday went fine, no problems in any areas. :)

Exante Week 4 Day 7

Well, that is another week over and I’m happily fully on track :)

Sunday went very well, I had no issues at all with cravings or any other silliness. Best of all, had a decent weigh in (2lbs makes me very happy, I know others lose more but I am a slow loser so any loss, especially a 2lb one is just plain awesome :D ) and now I’m less than a 1lb to go until I’m out of the 200′s, so this time next week I WILL be in the 190′s :D

Exante Week 4 Day 6

I appear to have lost a day somewhere, no matter :)

Argh, torn between eating and not eating today. Ive barely lost half a lb so far this week despite being really careful and weighting everything. My body just clearly hates food, but that little addicted voice in my head is telling me to eat anyway. No! Do not want! I’m so close to being out of the 200′s, that is far more important than a bit of chicken.

Next Morning

I decided not to eat regular food yesterday and it paid off, dropped almost a 1lb on the scale this morning, feeling much happier now :D

I think I’ll save WS for when I hit stalls instead of doing it regularly, back to full on TS for me :D

Really got myself moving the last few days, dug out out my “My Shape: Fitness Evolved” for the Kinect and I also set up a timer on my phone for when I’m stuck at my desk all day, I now make sure and get out of my seat and move about for 5 mins minimum every 20 mins. I’ll either do a bit of housework or some exercise during the moving breaks, I’m already feeling the benefits of it :D

Exante Week 4 Day 4

Nothing exciting to write about today.

Did enjoy my Exante curry though, I boiled up a little butternut squash and cauliflower then dry stir fried some chicken and mixed the veg in. Mixed up the veg soup with 150ml of boiling water and mixed it through. Added Tandoori powder and a touch of chilli. Still only managed to eat half of it before I felt full even though I only used half a chicken breast and barely 2 handfuls of the veg.

I was a bit worried about the squash but the quantity I used only came to 31kcal and 8g carbs and my weight is down a little this morning.

I’m going to go and do some real exercise on the Kinect this morning and next week I’m going to venture to the gym. :D

Exante Week 4 Day 3

There is something interesting happening in my brain!

For some reason I’m really not enjoying the food I’ve been eating the last few days, sure, it tastes nice, but I could quite honestly do with out it or the bother of preparing/eating it. My daughter came home from school with an Easter egg yesterday, it’s sat in the same room as me right now, I pass it every time I go anywhere in the house, it’s unwrapped with the chocolate right there for all to see. I have absolutely NO desire to eat it!!!! You know what I’m looking forward too? My lunchtime shake!

I’m going to keep doing the 4th week WS, not because I want to, but because I’m curious to see if this happens everytime and if my attitude to food really is changing on a deep and permanent level.

Right now, I see food as nothing but a fuel, this is something it has never been for me. Long may it continue :D

Exante Week 4 Day 2

Much better yesterday. Though I struggled to eat a chicken breast and a little salad, I was full before I was even half way full so I put it aside and ate it later. My weight was back down again this morning which was a relief.

Had some fun this morning, had a huge fallout with my daughter after catching her lying to me, normally I would have gone straight to the fridge, but I found myself storming around the house cleaning… loudly… *laugh*

It would be funny if I weren’t so annoyed ;)