Why would anyone want to read about my crap? Well I don’t know but I just love to share.

Like everyone, I have crap, and this site is a blog to help me deal with and share the crap that is particularly prevalent on my mind right now…

My Weight and Fitness!

I am an overweight, middle-aged, menopausal, under active mother of one and wife to a husband with a fast metabolism who is naturally slim and fit.


1998: UK 12 at my smallest I was a UK 10

I’ve been battling my weight for about ten years now, I was never skinny, and was sometimes a little chubby, but I was mostly the right kind of curvy. I didn’t actually realise this until after I got fat, which sucks, I wish I’d made the most of it and enjoyed it while I had it. Back then I was by far the tallest of my friends, I was 5′ 8″ they ranged between 5′ 1″ and 5′ 3″, so I felt like a hulking behemoth next to them. What I actually was, was an almost perfect 36C, 26″ Waist, 36″ Hips. I thought my boobs were too big and I had a fat arse. D’oh!

I’ve started, stopped, succeeded and failed at more diets than you can shake a wet stick at. Having just come off yet another “Diet Plan” with horrible results (would you believe I GAINED weight!) I am officially DONE with diets. No more, enough is enough!

Last year I started eating sensibly on the run up to Christmas and managed to lose a good amount of weight, then I got ill and couldn’t exercise and went on a crazy binge fest over the holidays. Into the new year I was struggling with my health and trying to find out what was wrong, I was very stressed out and in a substantial amount of pain. Over the following few months I gained back everything I’d lost, and then some.

I was finally diagnosed with a lodged kidney stone and gall stones. I had to go in for surgery to get the kidney stone removed. I’ll be going in to get my gall bladder removed early in the new year. I’ve put that surgery on hold as I want to improve my health first.


2007: Me at my largest, UK 22.

As I mentioned, I went on a pretty extreme, low GI diet that was very restrictive six days a week with a binge day once a week. Over all I did lose weight, but the progress was too slow for the amount of effort required. I was averaging at less than a pound a week loss. To add to my misery it messed badly with my digestive system and knocked my immune system for six. I’m currently fighting both a cold and a stomach infection.

So, the plan. I’ve already started losing weight simply because I am ill, so at least I’m off to a good start. I’m eating very sensibly right now because I get stomach ache if I eat too much and I end up feeling sick. (this may also be because of the gall stones)

Once I’ve shaken the bugs, I’ll be exercising daily, either one of my many fitness games in the Wii and XBox or a simple aerobics or kettlebell workout if I’m short on time.

For food, I am NOT going on a diet. There is no such thing as a banned food from now on, if I want it, I can have it. This is all going to be about eating consciously. No mindless nomming for me, I want to be conscious of everything I put in my mouth, chew it properly and listen to my body’s signals. If I am not hungry, I will not eat until I am. If I am hungry, I will eat until I’m not. It’s so simple.

I know I will have bad days, especially at this time of year, but I will not let a bad day turn in to a bad week or month, I will have the bad day and let it go the next.


2010: UK 16-18, I'm about the same size right now.

I will share my food, exercise and moods right here every day, and I hope that anyone passing through, who shares my problems will join in and share their experiences.

And so, today the blogging begins.

My first goal is to be comfy in my jeans again, they’re a bit tight on the waist right now. :(


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