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Still going strong

I’ve not blogged for a while but I just wanted to let it be known that I’m still on the diet and still doing well. I’ve lost about 25lbs so far and am well on track to reach my goal loss this year :D

In the mean time, I’m going to extend this blog a little as I’m going “Pintrest” mad and need somewhere to put photos of the many crafty projects that have been consuming me over the last few weeks.

Back Again

That horrible cold took over a while to shake and I totally fell off the dieting bandwagon :(

Until one week ago ;)

I had a bit of an epiphany almost two weeks ago. I simply cannot do things in half measures, I’m an all or nothing kind of person. Give me an inch I WILL take a mile.

There has been a lot of press lately about Lighter Life, total meal replacement diets. I have had great success on the type of diet before and only regained after being ill for a year, and even then, didn’t gain back all that I’d lost. So I went googling for TMR type diets.

I am not a big fan of counselling and having to “check in” every week, I find it unpleasant and de-motivational, so this has put me off going back on a VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet), despite knowing that it works well for me.

Then I found Exante!!! No weekly check ins, no counselling, YOU are in the driver’s seat completely. Now I would NOT under any circumstances recommend this kind of diet without the check ups if you have never done this type of diet before. They are hard and you have to follow it to the letter or you could be putting your self at serious risk.

I know what I’m doing, I know what to expect, so I know I can do this safely on my own.

During the first week you always have massive water weight losses which can be very deceiving and leave you expecting the same kind of losses every week, that is a major pitfall, as you always expect more than you are going to get.

The other side of this is that when you reach your goal and start adding back in normal foods, you will, if eating carbs, regain water weight. This is healthy and normal, the fluid in our skins keeps as looking fresh and you. It is why many people look alder after when losing lots of weight. Their skin is under hydrated.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not gain it all back and then some, that only happens if you start eating the way you did before the diet. You have to slowly move from the diet to HEALTHY real foods until you have a nice balanced diet that maintains your loss plus a few lbs back for fluids.

Anyway, I’ve put in my first week and it was relatively easy, not because it is actually easy but because I am totally in the right mindset for it and didn’t feel upset or jealous while my family were eating normal foods.

A week in and I still feel focused and determined. I know myself to well to think there won’t be stumbling blocks along the way, but I have prepared myself fully to deal with those. I am approaching this in the same way I did quitting smoking over 10 years ago.

I WILL reach my goal weight this year.

There are no other options.

Too Early

It’s 5 am and I’m sat down stairs struggling to breathe whilst tearing my poor throat apart coughing. I need to get better now plzkthx :(

The diet is going extremely well, aided by my complete lack of energy and unwillingness to cook ;)


Sick as a dog but dieting like some kind of awesome goddess of diety goodness!

Why oh why…

is it, that every single time I embark on a new fitness regime/diet etc, I get ill. This makes no sense to me. It is clearly some kind of subconscious sabotage, but I just can’t understand why my subconscious wants me to be fat.

Is it like the nasty little nicotine monster who talks you into smoking when you want to quit? Is it that my subconscious and I simply don’t get on and it’s out to get me? Do I somehow feel safer at this size? If I could understand this, maybe I could fix it.

Yeah, so needless to say, I’m sick again. I’m having to do my best to ignore it and fight through as my husband is in a bad way with different health problems and needs me now more than ever to be able to shoulder the day to day things as well as be there for him emotionally.

I’ve stuck to my food plan all day without difficulty but exercise is once more out of the equation, I almost feinted just from straightening up the kitchen.

Time to be a soldier.

Wish me luck.

Screw it!

Okay, so the thinking slimmer thing has helped me to cut back on the snacking and binging problems and that is great, but I need more, so I’m going back on a diet as of today whilst still applying the conscious eating thang.

I am sick and tired of seeing photos of myself that do not match the me in my head, it’s embarrassing and disgusting :(

I’ve been half assing this shit for a year now and I’m done with it. I WANT TO BE SLIM AGAIN!!!!! I HATE being fat. I want my husband and daughter to be proud of me and people to look at me and say “Wow, she really can do anything if she puts her mind to it!” instead of, “Oh look, Debbie is about to fail another diet.”

I want to feel the pride I felt when I managed to quit smoking. I want to be able to buy nice clothes, or even occasionally borrow my daughter’s clothes. I want to stop having to hide whenever a camera is being waved about.

There is nothing about the way my body looks now that is even remotely acceptable and I am no longer going to shrug it off and pretend I’m ok with it.

I don’t want to ever make an excuse about my weight again.

I no longer want to feel like crying when I look at photos of me now and then.

I want more than anything else to feel confident about myself for the very first time in my life.

I need this.

New Year – New Start

I’m starting fresh today.

Here we go again :D

Day Eleven – General Thoughts

Bit of a weird day :( I had the worst attack of heartburn I have ever had in my life and it lasted almost all day despite taking zantac and gaviscon. I ended up having to get my omeprazole prescription filled out.

Because of this I barely ate a thing all day, I had a bowl of serial and two wholemeal rolls. We went out to the pub in the evening and by then my meds had kicked in and I was able to have a couple of pints and a few crisps.

My tummy is still feeling a little iffy today, but that could be the hangover ;)

It’s going to be a “take it easy” kind of day today as the next few days are going to be nuts.

Merry Christmas world.

Day Ten – General Thoughts

Slept well and woke up in a great mood. Over all had an excellent day on many different levels.

Did over eat a little at dinner time as we ordered in a curry, but the rest of the day was very healthy with plenty of exercise and fun.

Day Nine – General Thoughts

Not a lot of change from yesterday through I was naughty and drank a couple of glasses of rum and fully leaded coke. Tasted great :D

I’ve barely thought about food at all today and only once found myself wandering into the kitchen to look aimlessly through the cupboards. I read my notice and walked out again with a coffee. :)

Did crunches and planks as soon as I woke up, but I’ve been very tired all day due to a crappy nights sleep, so haven’t done anything else.