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Getting Organised!

I’ve gone on a mad kind of de-clutter frenzy the last week. It all started with a plan to de-clutter that was just sat fermenting in the back of my brain, then my old washing machine decided it had had enough and it died.

I could probably have called in a repairman, but for it’s age it wasn’t worth it, and to be honest, I absolutely hated the noisy old clunker. So I gleefully went on-line and started comparing makes and prices and finally settled on this:

It has "Shhh" written on it :D


While I was doing that, my husband was desperately trying to resurrect the old one and ended up, not on failing, but soaking all the stuff that clutters up the cupboard under the sink.

I sent him packing, ordered the new machine and started clearing out the cupboard. I did not want to just throw everything back in though as the declutter idea was still playing around in my noggin, so I got rid of as much as I could and then nipped to The Range and got a set of these:

Not just for veggies

Not just for veggies!

And now all my dish towels, detergents etc are stacked away all nice and neat.

Now, here I am procrastinating on My Crap, while I should be restoring order to the understairs cupboard. It has been completely emptied, cleaned, vacuumed and polished and there is not longer a free space on any surface in my dining room. I’ve already filled the stackable shelves I bought to put things in but I may need MANY more.

Whose idea was this anyway, who in their right minds would put themselves through this de-cluttering crap anyway, it least the clutter was hidden, now it’s EVERYWHERE!!! WHAAAAA….