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Becks Diet Solution – ACR

These are just some of the many advantages there will be to losing the weight and keeping it off. I commit to reading this list at least twice a day for as long as is necessary, even if it is the rest of my life.

I will keep a copy on me at all times so that when I feel a craving or negative thinking coming on, I can read through it and remind myself why I am done with being fat.

1. Confidence

2. Pride

3. To prove I can

4. To feel more attractive

5. To sleep better

6. Control

7. To no longer feel embarrassed

8. To be able to do more

9. I will be happier being me

10. I will feel more able to challenge myself

11. I’ll be able to wear nice clothes

12. My family will be proud of me

13. Less backache

14. Bikini!!!

15. Sunbathing

16. Swimming

17. No more piggy eating

18. No more frenzied holiday eating

19. No more binging until I feel sick

20. No more sore thighs!

Day 11

Another excellent day, got a load of housework done that has been building up and a had a great food day

1. Motivated
2. Dedicated
3. Controlled

Day 10

Had a great nights sleep and I am still feeling on track and motivated. I will be kicking up the exercise on Monday.

1. Food Good

2. Life Good

3. Friends Good


Day 9

I have an amazing family who I love with all my heart. :)

1. Happy

2. In control of my food

3. Not snacking

I really need to apply the same positive energy to tackling my fitness and finances. ;)

Day 8

Very busy day, managed to get a lot of work done and found time to play in the evening.

1. Complete control of food

2. Very aware of my body’s needs

3. Able to focus on boring tasks and get through them

Day 7

Had a fun and relaxed day playing Munchkin and Guitar Hero with my family and followed that up with an absolutely awesome evening at the local pub’s open mic night.

1. Felt confidant

2. Felt attractive

3. Ate sensibly all day


Day 6

Only good things:

I had a great day in Manchester browsing around Afflek’s Palace and Forbidden Planet. Then went on to Wing Yip and only had ONE bun!!! Go me :D

Played a bit of Skyrim when we got home before going to the Waddies for a fun evening of take-out Chinese and too much wine. ;)

All in all it was a great day filled with fun and laughter.

Oooh, also picked up a new XBox for the living room, the old one is in Jo’s room, so I can get back into my UFC Fitness game now.

1. Didn’t go nuts with the food

2. Energy levels were good

3. Got a little less stressed out while shopping than I usually would

4. Felt very relaxed and happy with my lovely neighbours

Day 5

The less said the better :(

Day 4

1. Some control
2. Light exercise
3. Ate some sweet snacks and chocolate but managed to not go overboard.

Crap day, tired and without any energy or drive. Didn’t go crazy but could have done much better. Tomorrow will be better.

Day 3

1. Managed to exercise

2. Got back to writing my novel

3. Left food on my plate at both lunch and dinner time.

Been a bit “cravy” this evening, my brain wants to eat for the sake of it, not because I am actually hungry, it’s frustrating but on the positive side, I’m aware of it and I’m in control of it.